Kashf Foundation wins UN Women’s Asia-Pacific WEPs award for Covid-19 action

Kashf Foundation earned  the popularity of being the sole Pakistani organization to be honored at the recently control 1st edition of Asia-Pacific girls’s authorization Principles (WEPs) Award hosted by world organization Women and funded by the ecu Union. These awards recognized the efforts of business leaders across the world for his or her efforts in advancing gender equality supported excellence in six classes as well as leadership action & commitment, youth leadership, gender-inclusive geographical point, gender-responsive marketplace, community & trade engagement, and Covid-19 action. Over four hundred entries from seventeen countries were received whereas Kashf Foundation was the sole Pakistani organization to win for its ‘Don’t let corona impact your business’ initiative within the ‘Covid-19 action’ award class.

In view of the devastating monetary impact of Covid-19 on girls micro-entrepreneurs from marginalized communities, the ‘Don’t let corona impact your business’ initiative, crystal rectifier by Kashf Foundation, offered monetary and non-financial products/services to assist them construct their business. The initiative adopted a multi-pronged strategy to support women’s rehabilitation within the country throughout this era. As a principal approach, Kashf Foundation pivoted its model to cater to the foremost immediate and medium to future business wants of ladies micro-entrepreneurs within the country. In parallel, a response strategy was additionally introduced to boost awareness amongst its five hundred,000 girls purchasers regarding the contagion and the way to curb its unfold. The strategy additionally enclosed planning business loans and introducing a business continuity educational program for girls micro-entrepreneurs to boost their business acumen and facilitate them in reconstruction their enterprise.

Speaking regarding the initiative and accomplishment, Roshaneh Zafar, director at Kashf Foundation declared, “After the onset of the pandemic, it became imperative for the organization to undertake evidence-based interventions to effectively reply to the economic and social impact of Covid-19 on the marginalized communities, particularly girls. underneath the initiative, we have a tendency to worked with the foremost vulnerable households and helped them revive their businesses not solely financially, however through numerous coaching within the areas of business continuity yet because the style and launch of product and services, which is able to sure as shooting have a long-lived impact.”

Kashf Foundation could be a specialised microfinance establishment that aims to economically and socially uplift girls micro-entrepreneurs through its suite of holistic monetary and non-financial product and services, in order that they will become active agents of amendment for themselves and for his or her communities. To date, Kashf has sceptered quite two.8 million girls micro-entrepreneurs within the country.


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