Amidst the contemporary jungle of overflowing news, it becomes difficult to filter what is truly authentic and valuable. Before making an important and life-altering decision, like purchasing a smartphone, it becomes imperative to gather all kinds of information. At this stage of the buyer’s journey, half-baked information, which circulates on the internet and social media abundantly, can be the worst enemy. Thus, to avoid any missteps, it is best to hear directly from the experts.

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vivo, a leading global smartphone brand, renowned for its innovative and consumer-centric approach, responded to this problem by bringing the experienced photographer from Pakistan, Adeel Chishti, to share his experience of using the vivo Y55 with regards to the camera and performance.
Adeel Chishti, talking positively about his overall experience using the Y55, emphasized how the smartphone houses many features that people yearn for today. Commenting on his wonderful experience, he further appreciated the budget-friendly price of the smartphone.

Additionally, the camera set-up of the Y55 is representative of the evolution of smartphone cameras. Speaking from the point of view of a photographer, Adeel Chishti shared interesting insights on the benefits of smartphone cameras, with the Y55 as his frame of reference, and said, “Smartphones like the vivo Y55 have made it easier to learn photography. People who are interested to capture something amazing in high-definition and good pixels, must get their hands on the Y55.”
Y55 houses a triple camera setup that includes a 50MP HD rear camera, a 2MP Bokeh camera, and a 2MP Macro camera for encouraging creative expression. The 50MP HD rear camera is optimized with several built-in camera modes, like AI Face Beauty, Stylish Night Mode, Portrait Mode, and Ultra-Stable Video. Amongst this variety of features, Adeel Chishti affirmed that the Portrait Mode was his favorite.

He further elaborated on what he loved about this feature, and said, “I completely loved taking pictures in portrait mode. Even in the low light, it continues to maintain the depth of field.” As a lifestyle photographer, one captures people in their daily, ordinary life, and thus must be prepared all the time. Taking note of this occupational hazard, Mr. Chishti talks about how the Y55 can support aspiring photographers in capturing the extraordinary in the mundane.
According to him, the features and technology that the Y55 comes equipped with resolve the problem of carrying a hefty camera and all its paraphernalia. He added, “If you want to capture a daily life photograph, you have a wholesome gadget in your pocket, packed with all the features one needs to produce high-definition results”.

The 16MP Front Camera of the device is enhanced with a Super Night Selfie, and Aura Screen Light, capturing nuanced and detailed self-portraits, even in dark light. These features are immensely useful for ordinary users who wish to capture superior and aesthetic images of their daily lives.
Adeel Chishti shared his thoughts on how the Y55 can help users click beautiful images that capture their vision. He commented on the wide applicability of the Y55 camera features, acknowledging it as a smartphone that is meant for all, and added, “The smartphone can help a lot of influencers, photographers, and everyday users who love to capture memories, by taking good shots”.

For a user to take complete advantage of the camera features of a smartphone, it needs to be complemented by overall smooth performance. Besides the camera, the allure of the Y55 is augmented by its excellent performance and gorgeous design.
Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon® 680 processor, the smartphone caters for a seamless performance and ensures uninterrupted gaming. Adeel Chishti, noting the overall performance delivered by the smartphone, said, “Since the phone is packed with a variety of exclusive features, this device has definitely advanced the smartphone market, and the hype it has received is worth being maintained”.

Housing a 44W FlashCharge and 5000mAh high-capacity battery, Y55 users can also be assured of long usage without significant battery drain. To capture the perfect photograph, one always needs a camera, to click whenever inspiration strikes.
Hence, Mr. Chishti also voiced his adoration for the battery life of the Y55, not to mention its trendy design, “The Y55 offers smooth performance with a variety of exciting features. I always wanted to have a phone which is an all-rounder. I loved Y55, its features and its trendy design. It’s in my budget and offers a good battery life among numerous other features.”

Now that the expert has spoken and shared his exclusive insights, you can be assured that the Y55 is true to its worth and delivers on all its promises as a premium smartphone on a budget. It is surely going to meet all your personal, professional, and creative needs. The Y55 is nothing short of a reliable, power-packed smartphone companion that can accompany you wherever you go.
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