Dolphin Force Officials Suspended for TikTok Video at Notorious Land-Grabber's House
Dolphin Force Officials Suspended for TikTok Video at Notorious Land-Grabber’s House

Four members of the Dolphin Force, an elite unit within the Punjab police, face suspension and legal action for creating a TikTok video at the residence of a notorious land-grabber in Rawalpindi. The video, showcasing officials feasting and dancing at Khabib Khan’s house, the leader of a land mafia, gained widespread attention on social media.

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As per the FIR filed at the Morgha police station, the implicated officials—Head Constable Tauseef, and constables Imran, Muhammad Ali, and Saqib—were assigned patrol and security duties in the Newtown area on the night of December 9. Contrary to their responsibilities, they falsely reported their location and visited Khabib Khan’s house. Khabib Khan is wanted by the police for multiple cases related to land grabbing and extortion.

The FIR highlighted that the officials not only disregarded the discipline and integrity of the police department but also jeopardized the security and law and order situation by associating with a criminal figure.

The complaint leading to the FIR was filed by Aizaz Azim, the in-charge of the Dolphin Force, who learned about the incident after a head constable brought the video to his attention.

Prompt action has been taken by the police, suspending the four officials and initiating an inquiry into their conduct. Additionally, their weapons, uniforms, and motorcycles have been confiscated. A police raid was conducted at Khabib Khan’s residence, but he managed to evade capture.

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