GameBird’s official team House of Blood, becomes the first Pakistani team to win the Free Fire international Esports title at the Free Fire Invitational Showdown 2022 against Nepal. The Free Fire Invitational is a recurring series of international Esports competitions that take place annually between two finalist countries. This year’s competition was held between Pakistan and Nepal from 12-14 August, 2022. House of Blood came back from the brink of a loss on day three of the tournament to win the Battle Royale and the tile.
House of Blood is the official partner of GameBird – Telenor Pakistan’s official Esports platform. The team has previously won FFCS (Free Fire Champion Series 2020) powered by Telenor Pakistan, Free Fire Eternal Battle Season 1, and the FFPLIII (Free Fire Pakistan League) partnered with GameBird. They recently represented Pakistan in one of the biggest Esports leagues in the world – the Free Fire World Series 2022 – in Singapore.
Pakistan’s premier Esports platform, GameBird is on a mission to generate a complete Esports ecosystem in Pakistan by providing players with the opportunity to unleash their potential in Esports. The platform is bringing Pakistan’s gaming and Esports communities the unique opportunity to experience a one-stop gaming platform. Video game enthusiasts can live stream and participate in tournaments, find top-quality gaming merchandise, browse news, make purchases, and much more. GameBird hopes to provide the untapped talent in Pakistan with even more opportunities like the Free Free Invitational Showdown 2022 in the international arena through this platform.
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