With their connectivity and ease-of-use, wireless speakers are quickly replacing traditional Hi-Fi systems as the go-to device for anyone looking to get the most out of their music. This has naturally led to more and more brands churning out all kinds of products to meet demand. But many of these new devices produce disappointing audio, particularly at low frequencies. To try and buck this trend, Huawei has collaborated with Devialet to launch the Sound X, an Wi-Fi speaker which claims to deliver impressive audio quality.
Superb audio quality and powerful bass: The audio industry has undergone massive changes over the years, but when all’s said and done, a speaker is still defined by its audio quality. This basic tenet doesn’t seem to be shared by all brands though, as the wireless speakers in today’s market often strive for portability at the expense of audio quality. Fortunately, the HUAWEI Sound X does not fall into this trap.
The unit’s speakers boast dual subwoofers and six full-frequency tweeters, which cover an expansive frequency range of 40 Hz to 40 kHz. They deliver high fidelity sound by accurately reproducing original music recordings. The Sound X is crafted from highly magnetic rare-earth materials (NdFeB, or Neodymium Iron Boron), which contains more magnetic energy than common iron oxides. This means that even though the Sound X is compact, its speakers are remarkably sensitive and have great transient response, so the audio produced is powerful and surging.
Collaboration with Devialet: Huawei has teamed up with Devialet, one of the world’s leading audio brands, to provide the Sound X with two key features which raise the sound quality far above what you might expect from a wireless speaker. First, there’s the SAM® (Speaker Active Matching) bass enhancement technology. This setup includes an efficient compensation algorithm which deals with any signal distortion, so low-frequency sound is completely stable. This means the Sound X can hit deeper, fuller bass tones. With the symmetrical Push-Push acoustic configuration, each subwoofer cancels out the backwave vibrations of the other, while superimposing the sound energy from both to suppress noise and distortion at any volume, while producing larger than life sound.
Now, let’s put the speaker through its paces with some music. In Linkin Park’s Numb, Chester Bennington’s husky voice weaves with a rich, synthetic soundscape, peppered with guitar and piano notes. Reproducing such a complex song can be a real challenge, particularly when it comes to the bass. The Sound X reproduces the vocals fantastically, giving full expression to the angst in Chester’s raspy voice. As we approach the climax of the song, the track transforms into a breathtaking mix of sounds, including instruments, electronic sounds and vocals. The Sound X captures the power of the drum beat and produces a layered and nuanced sound driven by surging bass.
User-friendly innovations: As well as its sound quality, the HUAWEI Sound X includes a range of innovative features to address problems found all too often in wireless speakers. Pairing your phone with most Bluetooth speakers can be a needlessly complicated and frustrating process. That’s why the Sound X features OneHop Audio Sharing. With this feature, you can connect your phone to the speaker by simply tapping it against the NFC icon. So when you’re listening to a song on your phone, but want to get really immersed in the music, you just give the Sound X a tap, and it will instantly take over.
When you want to pause, you can cover the top of the speaker with your hand to mute it, then cover the top again to resume playing. The top of the Sound X has 12 RGB tri-color indicators, which provide great visual effects and also help you distinguish the different speaker statuses.

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