The tech world is evolving at an unprecedented pace these days. Tech enthusiasts, particularly YouTubers, play a central role in keeping their followers updated with all the latest developments emerging from the tech landscape.
With the increase in digital penetration, Pakistani audience have developed an unparalleled sense of tech gadgets, who demand continuous tech updates right when they occur.

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Living up to the expectations of Pakistan tech community is just one guy – Ali Abbas – who goes by the name of MASTECH on YouTube. Ali Abbas has recently unboxed the all new iPhone 14 Pro Max, becoming the first Pakistani YouTuber to do so.
Ever since Apple officially unveiled the latest iPhone series, Pakistani tech fans had been anxiously waiting to feast their eyes on a detailed review of the top of the line variant of the iPhone 14 lineup, and MASTECH has done just that.
Ali Abbas had created MASTECH channel on YouTube back in 2018. He regularly shares videos with his subscribers, ranging from mobile phones unboxing to gaming reviews.

Within a space of few years, MASTECH has taken an important position in Pakistani tech ecosystem, earning over 551,000 subscribers and receiving more 58 million views on its videos.
If you don’t to want to miss out on any tech updates, you must follow MASTECH – the one stop shop on YouTube for all the latest tech happenings.
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