Pakistan's Powerful Telecom Networks Unnerve Indians
Pakistan’s Powerful Telecom Networks Unnerve Indians

Indian media claimed that the latest addition to Pakistan’s anti-India plans is the ‘network spillage’ into Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir.

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Mobile signals of all the network operators based in Pakistan are being detected in the Occupied territories. A special report by the war mongering network Republic TV, has found network signals of the 4 Pakistani cellular networks within 500 to 700 meters on the side of the Indian controlled territories. These operating companies are Jazz, Zong, Ufone and Telenor Pakistan.

According to the report Pakistan has also deliberately set up communication towers close to the LoC in order to maximize the range of the network. Reportedly, the spread of the network is not limited to the border areas, but has penetrated deep into Indian occupied territories.

Zong’s and Telenor’s networks have penetrated up to 18 km inside, reportedly available near the Civil Secretariat in Jammu, a senior police official said on the spread of the Pakistani network in Occupied Kashmir. The official said that the spread of the network towards Occupied Kashmir is worrisome as it is impossible to trace communications if there is a network from Pakistan.

However, our sources in Pakistan have told us that all such claims by the listless Indian media are simply hot air. Other than the secure communications lines of the 4 operators, the people of Azad Jamu & Kashmir are being served by the Special Communications Organization (SCO). Other networks do not exist in remote areas of Azad Kashmir.

“This is nothing new and we have come to expect such frivolous statements from the irresponsible Indian media. It is all just to increase their TRPs,” concluded the official.

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