Patient Voices Concerns Over Lack of Professionalism and Privacy at Shifa International Hospital in Islamabad
Patient Voices Concerns Over Lack of Professionalism and Privacy at Shifa International Hospital in Islamabad

In a recent account shared on social media, a patient expressed disappointment with their experience at Shifa International Hospital in Islamabad, raising concerns about the professionalism and privacy standards within the healthcare institution.

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The patient, who consulted five doctors from different departments, reported encountering a pervasive lack of professionalism. The primary grievance was a perceived focus on revenue generation rather than genuine patient care. Despite reaching out to doctors through provided clinic numbers, the patient alleged a failure to receive prompt responses, reflecting a concerning communication breakdown.


The critique extended to the staff’s handling of patient privacy, citing instances in the psychiatric and gynecology clinics where sensitive discussions were conducted within earshot of others. The brevity of sessions, especially in the psychiatric clinic, was also noted.

Furthermore, the patient highlighted an insistence by gynecologists for exclusive use of Shifa lab services, even when patients possessed recent reports from alternative laboratories, specifically mentioning IDC.

Attempts to address these issues through an inquiry yielded no tangible improvement, according to the patient. Additionally, the complaint included an assertion that doctors prescribed medications available exclusively at the hospital’s pharmacy, potentially causing inconvenience for patients unable to make immediate purchases.

The patient concluded their account with a regrettable inability to recommend Shifa International Hospital based on these experiences, urging a reevaluation of practices to ensure a higher standard of patient care.

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