PSO Struggles with Mounting Debt as PIA Fails to Settle Rs. 22 Billion Bill
PSO Struggles with Mounting Debt as PIA Fails to Settle Rs. 22 Billion Bill

Pakistan State Oil (PSO), a vital player in the country’s energy sector, is facing financial strain due to the non-payment of dues by its clients.

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One major contributor to this challenge is the outstanding bill of nearly Rs. 22 billion owed by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) for fuel supplies.

This information comes after recent reports highlighted PSO’s critical financial situation, prompting the company to seek a Rs. 70 billion bailout from the government.

Soaring Receivables: The outstanding amount from PIA adds to PSO’s already substantial receivables of over Rs. 852 billion. This includes significant sums owed by other entities, such as Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL).

Mounting Financial Pressure: The non-payment of these debts has placed a significant strain on PSO’s finances. The company is struggling to meet its own financial obligations, including repayments on loans and payments to suppliers.

Impact on Operations: This situation has forced PSO to take drastic measures, such as delaying deposits to the government and deferring payments to suppliers. These measures can have a ripple effect on other businesses and potentially disrupt the overall economic activity.

Urgent Action Needed: PSO has urged PIA to settle its outstanding dues as soon as possible. Additionally, the company is seeking government intervention to address the broader issue of mounting receivables.

Focus on Resolution: It is crucial to find a sustainable solution to this issue. This may involve:

  • Improved debt collection mechanisms: To ensure timely payments from clients.
  • Financial restructuring: To help PSO manage its current debt situation.
  • Collaboration between stakeholders: Including PSO, PIA, and the government, to find a long-term solution addressing the underlying causes of these financial challenges.

PSO’s financial situation highlights the importance of addressing debt management issues within Pakistan’s energy sector. Finding a resolution will not only ensure the continued operations of PSO but also contribute to the overall financial stability of the country.

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