Samar Khan does a reality check on why she wasn’t part of the Winter Olympics

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When asked why she was not a part of the Winter Olympics, Samar Khan, our very own talented athlete and cyclist took to her Instagram to respond. She brought up very important questions regarding how our country does not support our sportsman or athletes when it comes to funding, sponsoring or training.
She had a very valid point as she states her views and tells us how exactly she feels about the whole situation. She was getting a lot of comments and calls regarding as to why she wasn’t a part of this sport and this is what she had to say.
“Do the official sports departments provide us with gear?”
“Do they send us on International trainings?”
“Do they coach us?”

And of course all the answers were a NO.
Lack of interest and support in our athletes has been an ongoing issue and so many sportsman lose out on golden opportunities. Pakistan is filled with quality sportsmanship and it’s about time they got the right support and recognition! So the next time someone asks her as to why she didn’t attend the Olympics here are her solid pointers and views.

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