Telenor Pakistan Launches the 8th Cohort of its Flagship Naya Aghaaz Program
Telenor Pakistan Launches the 8th Cohort of its Flagship Naya Aghaaz Program

Telenor Pakistan proudly introduced the 8th batch of its ‘Naya Aghaaz’ program, reaffirming their commitment to workplace inclusion and diversity. This 9-month program is designed for women’s seamless return to the workforce after a career break, introducing a new era of diversity, creativity, and innovation within the organisation.

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Launched in 2014 as an industry-first initiative, Naya Aghaaz aligns with Telenor’s resolve to provide women not only with a path back into their careers, but also to foster a culture that celebrates diversity, innovation and potential. Telenor acknowledges the significant role women play in society and remains dedicated to narrowing the gender gap in the professional domain.

The program kicked off with a two-day boot camp, offering an enriching onboarding experience through a variety of insightful sessions. These sessions included learning on topics such as workplace reintegration, problem-solving with design thinking, promoting integrity and whistle-blowing, Telenor’s core values, and engaging team-building activities.

The program enables women who took a career break due to marriage, childcare, elderly care, or other life circumstances to return to their professional lives. During the course of the program, the participants will engage with different departments and key stakeholders, gaining exposure to various roles and developing essential skills, all of which are instrumental in reviving their careers.

Areej Khan, Chief People Officer at Telenor Pakistan, addressed the associates during the boot camp and shared her personal journey within the organisation. She emphasised the significance of initiatives like Naya Aghaaz and their profound impact on society. She stated, “Diversity and inclusion are not just a statistic for us; it’s a commitment. Telenor Pakistan has consistently strived to create an inclusive culture, offering women a sense of belonging and providing them with exclusive learning and development opportunities. Programs like ‘Naya Aghaaz’ epitomize our resolve to uplift and empower.”

In Pakistan, women make up nearly half of the population, yet the participation of women in the labor market is only 23.31%, with a concerning literacy rate of 46.5%, compared to 70% for men. These figures highlight the socio-economic disparities faced by women in Pakistan, making initiatives like Naya Aghaaz essential for the progress and development of our nation.

Over the years, Telenor Pakistan has welcomed 116 associates through the Naya Aghaaz program and has successfully retained 41% of them as permanent or contractual employees. These women have not only contributed to the country’s socio-economic prosperity but have also played a vital role in steering women toward progress and success.

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