Since the launch of Spotify for Artists, Spotify has put all its energy into building tools and resources to help artists and their teams succeed in music. And no matter what an artist’s personal definition of success is, one thing is true across the board — fans make it possible.

That is why Spotify spent the past few months pouring through its data, analyzing millions of statistics and touchpoints, and studying global trends to bring you the first-ever Fan Study — a collection of 15 brand new insights about how fans listen to music and connect with artists around the world. Each insight is also paired with a specific action that the artists and their team can take to grow your fanbase. Not just on Spotify, but across the music industry, on social media, in emerging media, and beyond.

The vision for Spotify for Artists is for a music industry that puts actionable data and powerful tools in the hands of artists and their teams directly, so they have control over growing their fanbases and careers. These Fan Study insights can help artists better build their strategies for Spotify for Artists features like playlist pitching, Promo Cards — and beyond.

Ever wonder why it is so important to encourage your fans to add your tracks to their playlists? Well, after a listener adds your track to their personal playlist, they will listen to you 41% more, look at your profile 12% more, and end up making 60% of all your merch purchases.

The Fan Study is organized in four chapters: Whether an artist is interested in expanding their reach, deepening their fans’ engagement, making more noise around their next release, or learning how to move even more merch, artists will find interactive insights designed to help them get closer to reaching their goals. And that goes for artists, managers, music marketers, and label execs alike. Spotify designed the Fan Study so that every member of the music community can learn something new and put it into action.
So check it out, share your favorite insights with your team or on social, and let Spotify know what fan insights to study next.
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