The Tocantins girl turned Professional Model, Geane Rocha
The Tocantins girl turned Professional Model, Geane Rocha

An individual whose journey began in Colinas do Tocantins, Brazil, has become an international sensation as a model and entrepreneur, We are talking about Geane Rocha. Today, we dive into the inspiring narrative of her rise from modest beginnings and getting herself into competitive worlds of fashionbusiness.

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Geane’s journey started with a bold move from Tocantins to Goiânia, where her determination to provide a better life for herself and her family set the stage for her achievements. In an exclusive interview, she recounted her initial stint, cleaning and maintaining buses, a humble start that fueled her aspirations.

Geane Rocha at Dubai Desert Safari
Geane Rocha at Dubai Desert Safari

When she went abroad, Geane faced the challenges of settling in a new culture and overcoming uncertainties. Undeterred, she took on various jobs, including working as a nanny, forming invaluable connections, and saving every penny to fuel her dreams. Today, Geane has a successful career in the real estate sector in Valencia, Spain.

Geane’s modeling career brought her to Valencia, where she graced the pages of magazines and also became a well-known figure in music videos featuring Hollywood stars. Her charisma and talent propelled her into the spotlight and she became a recognized name wherever she went.

She said in an interview

“I still have a lot to achieve. I want to travel the whole world, learn lots of new hobbies, buy lots of bags for my collection,”.

Despite her elevated lifestyle, She remains grounded, expressing gratitude for her journey and a determination to achieve even more.

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