Zong 4G Launches Saudi Arabia Roaming Offer for Pilgrim
Zong 4G Launches Saudi Arabia Roaming Offer for Pilgrim

Zong 4G, Pakistan’s leading telecommunications company, has launched its Saudi Arabia Roaming Offer to facilitate pilgrims traveling to Saudi Arabia. This offer enables travelers to stay connected with their loved ones back home while they travel anywhere within Saudi Arabia.

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Zong 4G has introduced this offer with the intent that customers stay connected with their friends and family throughout their stay in Saudi Arabia whether for pilgrimage or for business. The offer includes affordable roaming rates for data, voice, and SMS services, making it easier for travelers to stay in touch. For only Rs. 1700 plus tax subscribers can get 30 minutes, 30 SMS, and 1 GB of data for seamless connectivity throughout their stay in Saudi Arabia. Additionally, for Rs. 4200 plus tax Zong 4G gives 60 minutes, 60 SMS and 3 GB and for Rs. 6600 plus tax, 90 minutes, 90 SMS and 5 GB internet.

Saudi Arabia Voice + Data Roaming Offer30 Mins, 30 SMS and 1 GB1700 +T15 Days
Saudi Arabia Voice + Data Roaming Offer60 Mins, 60 SMS and 3 GB4200 +T30 Days
Saudi Arabia Voice + Data Roaming Offer90 Mins, 90 SMS and 5 GB6600 +T45 Days

Zong 4G’s roaming services in Saudi Arabia also offer customers the additional benefit of WhatsApp audio and video calls, which are not available on local operators in Saudi Arabia. This means that customers can easily communicate with their loved ones back home without worrying about additional charges.

Commenting on Saudi Arabia offering, the company’s spokesperson said, “At Zong 4G, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible services and solutions to meet their needs. We understand that staying connected with loved ones is essential, especially during pilgrimage, which is why we have launched this special offer for our customers.”

The Saudi Arabia Roaming Offer is available to all Zong 4G customers and for further tariff details and subscriptions, customers can dial *1234#, subscribe through the Zong website (https://www.zong.com.pk/international-roaming) or My Zong App.

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