Airline Jitters in Japan: Flight Diverted After Passenger Bites Crew Member
Airline Jitters in Japan: Flight Diverted After Passenger Bites Crew Member

In a bizarre incident, a US-bound ANA flight was forced to turn back to Tokyo after a “heavily drunk” passenger bit a cabin attendant mid-flight. The 55-year-old American, who later claimed amnesia due to a sleeping pill, left the crew member with minor injuries.

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This incident adds to a series of recent woes plaguing the Japanese aviation industry. Just days earlier, another ANA flight had to return after a cracked cockpit window was discovered.

But the most jarring event was on January 2nd, when a Japanese Airlines plane collided with a coastguard aircraft at Haneda Airport. While all passengers on the larger plane escaped the fiery scene unharmed, five people on the smaller aircraft lost their lives.

Tuesday saw two more “near misses” – a Korean Air and a Cathay Pacific plane clipped wings in Hokkaido, and an ANA aircraft made contact with a Delta Air Lines plane in Chicago. Thankfully, none of these incidents resulted in injuries.

These events have rattled nerves within the industry, raising questions about safety protocols and potential underlying issues. ANA, in particular, has faced scrutiny after two incidents within a short span.

While investigations are ongoing, these recurring situations highlight the urgent need for a thorough review of Japan’s aviation safety measures to ensure the well-being of passengers and crew members alike.

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