Ali Rehman: Exploring the World Through Food
Ali Rehman: Exploring the World Through Food
Ali Rehman: Exploring the World Through Food
Ali Rehman: Exploring the World Through Food

For Ali Rehman, food has been a gateway to discovering the world. This self-proclaimed “Neeyat Kharab Lahori” (mischievous Lahori) has built a career around his passion for exploring new cuisines, promoting small vendors, and sharing his food adventures with the world. Born and raised in Lahore, Ali Rehman has always been fascinated by the city’s vibrant food culture.

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He recalls spending hours as a child watching street vendors cook up a storm, mesmerized by the aromas and flavors that filled the air. As he grew older, Ali's curiosity about food led him to explore beyond Lahore’s borders, traveling across Pakistan and abroad to taste new dishes and learn about different culinary traditions.

After completing his education from Lahore University of Management Sciences and the Market Research Society UK, Ali Rehman began his career in the international education sector. He worked for the British Council Pakistan and the University of Hertfordshire UK before joining Navitas, a global leader in international education, where he has served as Regional Director for the past 14 years.

While his professional career was thriving, Ali Rehman never lost his passion for food. In fact, he found a way to combine his two interests by co-founding Tarkaa, a food and restaurant marketing agency that helps small vendors and new businesses get the recognition they deserve. Through Tarkaa, Ali has been able to promote some of Lahore’s best-kept culinary secrets, from the street- side Warra Pao to the delectable Momos/Mantu Cart.

Ali Rehman’s love for food extends beyond eating and promoting it – His eye-catching food photos have been featured in dozens of restaurants across Lahore, as well as in national and international publications. In 2017, he won the Twenty-Fifth Foodelia Collection for Foodelia US – The International Food Photography Awards, a recognition of his talent and passion for capturing the beauty of food.

Ali Rehman’s food journey has taken him to some of the most remote corners of the world, from the bustling streets of Bangkok to the serene countryside of turkey. Along the way, he has discovered new flavors, made lifelong connections, and shared his love for food with millions of people. As he continues to explore the world through food, Ali Rehman remains committed to promoting small vendors, discovering lesser-known dishes, and spreading the joy of culinary exploration. His journey is an inspiration to anyone who believes that food is not just nourishment, but a way of connecting with the world around us.

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