Alkaram Textile Mills wins big at the 10th Annual CSR Summit & Awards 2021

Alkaram Textile Mills won three honors at the ‘tenth Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Summit and Awards 2021’, in the classifications of Collaboration and Partnership, CSR Event, and Community Impact. The honor function was held at a nearby inn in Karachi.

Alkaram Textile Mills has been routinely perceived for its consistent obligation to adding to society. In this lofty culmination, the organization won awards around three of its major CSR activities which are totally in accordance with the organization’s CSR goals and consequently inserted in the manner it conducts business.

Fawad Anwar, Managing Director, Alkaram Textile Mills, while sharing his perspectives on the accomplishment said, “It is an honor to be perceived for our endeavors. This not just shows Alkaram’s responsibility and commitment towards the advancement of our local area yet additionally propels us further to proceed with our main goal in accordance with our CSR targets.” He added further, “All CSR activities are committed towards our center regions, for example, ladies strengthening and local area commitment and upgrade, and we have been resolutely assuming our part through different projects to contact a more extensive organization and make an important commitment in the general public.”

“Alkaram Textile Mills has faith in the way of thinking of benefiting our partners and the networks wherein we flourish by improving their personal satisfaction. In this manner, CSR is inserted in our plan of action, where direct commitment and backing to networks is reached out across the worth chain. We attempt a few distinct methods for rewarding the climate and to the local area we are so profoundly interlaced with,” said Sherbanoo Raza, Head of HR and Communications, Alkaram Textile Mills on the event.

This honor underscores Alkaram’s responsibility towards ladies strengthening and local area advancement as a fundamental piece of its Corporate Responsibility activities.

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