AlfaMall Merchant Conference

Bank Alfalah’s pioneering e-Commerce platform, AlfaMall, hosted its first ‘Merchant Summit’ in Karachi and Lahore. The event was designed to celebrate the tireless efforts of its affiliate Brand partners.

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AlfaMall is Pakistan’s first banking e-Commerce platform and boasts an impressive roster of 100+ Brand merchants, offering over 100,000 SKUs. The platform’s popular products include everything from bikes and mobiles to a diverse range of electronics, fashion apparel, and beauty brands from 15 dedicated labels for women.

The ‘Merchant Summit’ highlighted AlfaMall’s exceptional offerings and celebrated its invaluable partnerships with top-performing brands and sellers. The objective was to recognize collective success of merchants and that of AlfaMall team at the platform.

Key highlights of the AlfaMall Merchant Conference included:

  • Introducing Pakistan’s 1st banking eCommerce platform: The event was informative for discussing the significance of the first banking eCommerce platform in Pakistan.
  • Panel Discussion with eCommerce Industry Leaders: Renowned figures in the eCommerce industry engaged an insightful discussions, shedding light on the present and future of online eCommerce.
  • Talked about upcoming digital technology innovation by Bank Alfalah
  • Unveiling 10.10 and 11.11 promotions: AlfaMall provided an exclusive preview of its upcoming 10.10 and 11.11 promotional events, generating excitement among the audience.
  • Rewarding Excellence: AlfaMall acknowledged and rewarded its top brands and sellers for their outstanding performance, underlining the value of their partnership.

Esteemed celebrity endorsers and customers shared their enthusiasm for the platform. They particularly highlighted

  • Authenticity and genuineness of the products sold at AlfaMall
  • Convenient 0% markup
  • Option of Buy Now Pay Later
  • hassle-free return and refund policy
  • Exceptional post-sale service further solidified AlfaMall’s position as the go-to choice for online shoppers.
  • AlfaMall offered same day delivery service which is a biggest shout in eCommerce industry

As AlfaMall gears up for its exciting 11.11 promotion, it continues to set new standards in eCommerce landscape, providing top-notch products and services to its growing customer base.

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