LUMS Energy Institute hosts seminar on advancing Pakistan’s Energy Sector
LUMS Energy Institute hosts seminar on advancing Pakistan’s Energy Sector

Pakistan’s prestigious institution, LUMS, recently organized a seminar focused on addressing the challenges in the power sector through strategic investments and digitization. The seminar brought together renowned energy experts, researchers, and academics to explore innovative solutions and strategies to overcome power shortages, distribution inefficiencies, and outdated infrastructure in Pakistan’s power sector.

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The seminar, led by the LUMS Energy Institute (LEI), highlighted the importance of solution-driven approaches and confidence-building measures to attract both local and international investments. Participants stressed the need for investment-friendly policies that provide consistency and long-term sustainability.

Prominent figures in the energy sector, including the Werner-Von-Siemens Chair and Director of LEI, shared their insights during the seminar. They were joined by industry experts, such as the Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of K-Electric and the Chief Technology Officer of Power Information Technology Company (PITC).

During the discussions, K-Electric revealed its ambitious investment plan of PKR 484 billion over the next seven years. The plan aims to increase the generation capacity by 2,172 MW, with a significant portion dedicated to renewable energy sources. The organization highlighted its commitment to innovation in distribution through the implementation of advanced systems like the Advanced Distribution Management System and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), along with the integration of analytics and artificial intelligence to enhance customer experience and operational efficiency.

Experts emphasized the importance of energy efficiency and sustainability in building infrastructure, particularly in the context of the massive energy demand for cooling in Pakistan. They stressed the need to reduce reliance on unsustainable methods, which contribute to the country’s circular debt.

Furthermore, the seminar underlined the significance of investing in clean technologies to achieve climate goals while creating job opportunities. Participants highlighted the potential of digitization, new technologies, and artificial intelligence in transforming the energy sector and emphasized the need for long-term leadership support and patience to witness their impact.

The seminar acknowledged the role of LUMS Energy Institute in facilitating solution-oriented discourse and addressing Pakistan’s energy crisis. The institute’s efforts to promote research, innovation, and collaboration contribute to the development of sustainable and efficient solutions for the country’s power sector.

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