Beaconhouse Group, Pakistan’s largest network of private educational institutions, celebrated International Teachers Day 2022 by paying a special tribute to teachers who shape the leaders of tomorrow and inspire nation building through focused mentoring and commitment.

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The tribute was marked through a campaign titled ‘Aap sey hai aaj aur aap sey hai kal’, which highlights the role teachers play throughout the academic life of students, and beyond, investing their heart and soul in nurturing their students. The campaign, which was launched on Beaconhouse’s social media channels, showcases how teachers enrich the learning experiences of the youth, not only through their expertise but also their compassion. It relays a strong message emphasizing how teachers are a strong pillar that shape a child’s life helping create a better future for them. The lessons taught today act as a roadmap for them, inspiring them to reimagine their future.
While speaking about the occasion, Kasim Kasuri, CEO, Beaconhouse said, “I am extremely proud of each and every teacher at Beaconhouse, past and present. These selfless educationists deserve our utmost respect for nurturing students and helping mold the guardians of our future.”
With more than four decades of excellence in education, the Beaconhouse Group is proud to be one of the largest employers within the country’s private education sector, employing more than 8,500 teachers. True to its focus on professional development, each teacher at Beaconhouse spends at least 30 hours of formal professional development per year. This is a combination of in-house, local, and international training opportunities including subject specific courses, and diverse categories such as well-being, differentiation, mentoring, leadership and technology, amongst others.
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