BIGO Live Awards Gala 2022 Pakistan held to acknowledge its users

Bio Technology, one of the fastest growing technology companies hosted BIGO Live Awards Gala Pakistan 2022 was held here on Thursday to acknowledge and appreciate the top content Pakistani contributors who upload the content and videos on BIGO. The Editors, managers and handlers whoever is contributing to this platform and earning through this, were appreciated and given awards to acknowledge their contribution. In this award ceremony, the users not only participated but also performed live in front of enthusiastic audience. It is an initiative of BIGO to support the BIGO’s rising stars.
BIGO Live is a Video Screaming Platform which is owned by a Chinese Company which embodies the company’s commitment to empower millions of people to explore an infinite number of possibilities and talents on its livestreaming platform. There are many users who have used this platform who have transformed their communities for the betterment of the society. It enables the user to create both content of value and content of meaning for their viewers positively impacting their respective communities.
BIGO Live Award Gala is held every year in every country where they are operating. In the BIGO Live Awards Gala 2022 Pakistan, the participants were given opportunity to perform on Acoustic guitar, singing, dance, street dance, performance on electric guitar etc. The users who have changed the lives of youth were acknowledged by giving awards. In this way, BIGO is attracting the youth of Pakistan to earn through this platform, to showcase their talent. The top management of the BIGO Live and Chinese Ambassador and top embassy officials attended the award ceremony.

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