In quest for the vision of the Prime Minister to check the danger of exchange of fake/nonduty paid cigarettes, which are not just risky to the strength of the overall population but on the other hand is making tremendous misfortune the Government Exchequer, the Federal Board of Revenue has encouraged the Inland Revenue and Customs Field Formations to augment the requirement measures to control the exchange of fake, non-obligation paid and snuck cigarettes.

The Chairman FBR has given orders to facilitate the authoritative and authorization measures against the exchange of fake, non-obligation paid, and snuck cigarettes. Resultantly, during the time frame July 2020 to January 2021, the IREN network led 65 assaults the nation over to control the exchange of fake/non-obligation paid cigarettes. In previously mentioned attacks, 44.827 million fake cigarette sticks were seized which merited adding up to Rs. 97.507 million. Income adding up to Rs. 95.678/ – was associated with previously mentioned seized fake cigarettes out of which Rs. 2.2 million are recuperated and for the leftover, required legitimate procedures are in progress.

Likewise, Pakistan Customs has taken various preventive measures to control the carrying of cigarettes specifically and different contrabands/merchandise when all is said in done. The Customs staff posted at Airports, Sea Ports, and Land Customs Stations have been told to be more careful to control the pirating of cigarettes.

Hostile to carrying Squads, Mobile Units, and staff posted at Customs Check Posts have been sharpened to forbid pirating of cigarettes. In compatibility of explicit data, strikes have been led on godowns wherein cigarettes and other pirated products have been put away and along these lines colossal amounts have been recuperated.

The closeout rules have been changed accordingly forcing a prohibition on the bartering of seized/pirated cigarettes and have been remembered for the rundown of products to be obliterated w.e.f. 23rd July 2020 to debilitate the utilization of sale papers for the vehicle of pirated cigarettes. Preparing/courses have been organized in a joint effort with driving cigarette makers to instruct the Customs officials/staff about the most recent patterns in the sneaking of cigarettes and furthermore sharing of data for the compelling capture of cigarettes.

From July 2020 to January 2021, Pakistan Customs has held onto an amount of 7,152,265 carried sticks of cigarettes having an estimation of Rs. 549 million.
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