IRC celebrates World Environment Day in Pakistan
IRC celebrates World Environment Day in Pakistan

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Pakistan hosted an interactive event to commemorate World Environment Day under the global theme “Produce, Consume, and Dispose of Plastic.” Since 1973, World Environment Day serves as a global platform to unite people and amplify the call for environmental action. It’s a reminder that we all have a role to play in safeguarding our planet.

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The event aimed to raise awareness and strengthen the discourse about the pressing need for sustainable consumption and production patterns stressing the adverse impacts on food security, marine life and ecology of Pakistan. Representatives of Government counterparts, Donor agencies, Environmental & Academic experts, and members of International Development participated in engaging discussions to explore solutions for a greener and more sustainable future.

Mr. Sarmad Iqbal, (Head of Policy Advocacy IRC) and Environmental lawyer presented an insightful overview of Pakistan’s environmental outlook, challenges faced and the legal discourse for framing collective action to address pressing issues.

The Guest of Honor, Ms. Romina Khurshid, (Head of the SDG Unit & Special Assistant to PM) shared insights on meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) targets, emphasizing the critical role of sustainable consumption and production in achieving these goals. She called upon introspection on our consumption patterns and on glaring social disparities.

The highlight of the event was a power packed panel discussion, moderated by Mr. Rafi Ul Haq, renowned Ecologist on an encompassing a range of topics. The esteemed speakers included Dr. Khalid Waleed from (SDPI), Dr. Mazhar Hayat (Ministry of Water Resources) Sobia Asghar (NUST), Dr Asif Ahmed (ARID University) and Dr. Mukhtiar Mahar (Coastal and Deltaic Center).

The session deliberations were centric to pertinent topics such as promoting inclusive and resilient human settlements, role of academia, fostering sustainable consumption and production patterns and conserving our ecosystems.The panel discussion was followed by a Q&A session, providing an opportunity for participants to interact and gain further insights from the experts.

Ms. Shabnam Baloch, Country Director of IRC, in her closing remarks, noted that the deliberations made during the event will pave way for sustained advocacy on climate change and will lead to identifying avenues for stakeholders to collaborate on collective efforts in promoting sustainable consumption and production patterns in Pakistan. She further pledged to continue to explore creative and innovative solutions that will lead to environmentally sustainable emergency responses.

The deliberations Together, we can make a tangible difference in promoting sustainable practices and creating a greener and more sustainable Pakistan.

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