The new single from Ishrat Made In China is out and we can’t resist dancing to this music. Ishrat Made In China’s newest rap single is simply Buhat Aaala. EveryDay this flicks offers us a cause to reserve our seats for the 3rd. Seems like this song is Lahore Qalandar’s comeback to all these years of battering. “Ayen Janab aap ko tight wala ponka dain” Is what Lahore Qalandars supporters are saying right now.
There couldn’t be a finer tune to celebrate Lahore Qalandar’s historic triumph with this Groovy track by Ishrat Made In China. Is ganay nay End Kardi !!! The new youth anthem is released #comonhhh.
Desi Rap has found its way to films and smashed the internet. The lyrics are so humorous, you’ll find a fresh pun everytime you listen to this song. “Ayen Janab Aap ko Tight Wala Ponka Dain” is what Pakistanis want to chant when they see a hike in petrol prices.
Ishrat Aya Re is the track of the season. It’s making rounds all over the internet due of it’s funny one lines, modern execution, edgy cutting and the outstanding cast. Ishrat Aya Re is a hip hop phenomenon. Every line portrays the spirit of Karachi, it’s dynamic street culture, the hip hop youth and so much more. Timed perfectly with the triumph of Lahore Qalandar, this song is making ripples as supporters are utilising it to commemorate their historic victories.
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