Kaifi Khalil Topping Local Charts on Spotify
Kaifi Khalil Topping Local Charts on Spotify
Kaifi Khalil Topping Local Charts on Spotify
Kaifi Khalil Topping Local Charts on Spotify

Whether you are an avid music listener or not, chances are that you’ve come across “Kana Yaari” or “Kahani Suno 2.0” playing behind a short video or on a friend’s Spotify playlist! In fact, “Kahani Suno 2.0”, has continuously been ranking at No. 1 and 2 on Spotify’s weekly charts with its total streams now past 19 million and counting.

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In addition, the soulful OST, Mujhay Pyaar Hua Tha, Kaifi’s recreation of “Kahani Suno 2.0” , has ranked at the top of Spotify’s Daily Viral Songs. This comes only seven days after the track made its debut on Charts. As an artist, Kaifi Khalil himself has witnessed a 97% increase in streams on Spotify just over the past month. His popularity has sky-rocketed making him increasingly popular with listeners of every age and country.

With his top countries on Spotify being India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, UK, the USA and Canada, Kaifi Khalil, the emerging artist from Karachi’s Lyari neighborhood, has become a global sensation, thanks in part to his amplified reach through Spotify. He is a prime example of how the streaming service has allowed the young boy from Karachi to let his voice be heard in all corners of the globe.

Kaifi’s vocal magic has been soulful, groove-worthy and feet-tapping with every other track. When “Kana Yaari” first dropped, it was a fusion that was unlike any other that audiences had enjoyed. It came as no surprise then that the track shattered records, topping chart after chart on Spotify, even ranking among the top 5 in Wrapped this year.

Kaifi has become the latest awe-inspiring musician to conquer people’s hearts the world over. For the talented youngster, it is a time when anything he touches turns to gold. And it’s not just Pakistan, the song is trending in neighboring country India and hit the top spot in Bangladesh too this week.

Kaifi Khalil is one of many emerging artists to have joined the Spotify for Artists Program, a creatively curated platform that enables musicians to have better access to insights of their releases. The offering facilitates both the artists and their tracks to reach wider audiences spread all over the globe.

The success that artists like Kaifi Khalil are experiencing today has a lot to do with Spotify. The music streaming service has broadened the horizons for local artists, be it through Charts, Fresh Finds, RADAR or EQUAL Pakistan. Spotify is a platform that is catapulting Pakistani artists to new heights of glory allowing them to realize their true potential. It is a game changer for the country and its musical landscape with equally potent benefits for both artists as well as audiences.

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