Microsoft establishes an Educational Transformation Agreement (ETA) with the School Education and Literacy Department (SELD) and the Sindh Education Foundation, two important government departments in Sindh (SEF). The agreement is based on the Microsoft Educational Transition Framework (ETF), which commits Microsoft to making the educational sector’s digital transformation more successful and coordinated. The goal of this alliance is to develop Sindh’s education sector by utilising the power of information and communication technologies (ICT) at all levels. Microsoft will host multiple seminars, training sessions, webinars, and other cooperative events throughout Sindh with key stakeholders as part of this arrangement.
Working with Sindh education officials to discuss and implement tailored digital transformation initiatives is the first step in collaboration. In this context, a series of leadership change management workshops will be held to help smooth out the digitization process in Sindh’s education sector. Through its cloud certification programmes and the production of MIE Master trainers who will impart technical learning on behalf of Microsoft, Microsoft professionals are also committed to training the Sindh Government in developing, planning, and implementing cloud solutions.
Mr. Jibran Jamshad, Microsoft Corporation’s Country Education Lead, stated at the signing of the agreement, “The agreement will prove to be a blueprint for both sides in bridging the gap between education and employability through information communication technology.” He continued, “We are already communicating with numerous educational institutions because we recognise that the education industry in Pakistan requires a tremendous deal of change in terms of digitalization.” We are producing customised educational products and services in collaboration with a number of business and public sector institutions. This collaboration with the Sindh government is another step toward our goal of transforming the education sector in Sindh.”
Mr. Ghulam Akbar Laghari, Secretary of Sindh’s School Education and Literacy Department, says, “We are happy to be associated with Microsoft in digitalizing Sindh’s education system.” We developed the SELD learning hub App and digital classrooms as part of this collaboration to meet the educational needs of kids in current emergency situations. To eliminate any further gaps in children’s learning across the province, we’re formally organising these digital learning platforms. We also believe that this collaboration has a long way to go in terms of assuring a rapid pace of innovation in the classroom and inspiring students to achieve great things.
Another important component of this ETA is to assist Sindh’s education sector in utilising the most up-to-date Microsoft technologies, including as Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Teams, and others. Students, faculty, and educators will be able to learn, collaborate, create material, and share resources leveraging the power of Microsoft technologies if they develop these abilities. This will allow the education sector to continue operating and performing even in the event of a global pandemic.
Through employment-focused skill development programmes, this cooperation paves the road to close the gap between education and employability. Special programmes for people with vision and speech disabilities are also part of the programme. Microsoft will work with the Sindh government to create a practical and secure environment for digitalization, taking their collaboration to the next level. For instance, offering affordable and secure gadgets, free learning materials, professional development opportunities, and assuring internet connectivity in Sindh’s underserved areas.
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