The Mind Behind The Success of Pakistan's First-Ever Digital Census
The Mind Behind The Success of Pakistan’s First-Ever Digital Census

In the annals of Pakistan’s history, the year 2023 will be remembered not just as the year when the 7th Housing and Population census took place, but as the year when Pakistan took a giant leap into the digital age.

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The success of this monumental task can be attributed to many, but one name stands out among the rest: Muhammad Sarwar Gondal, a Member of the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).

From the onset, the digital census was a bold move. Starting on February 20, 2023, PBS introduced an innovative option for citizens to self-enumerate through a specially designed portal.

The response was overwhelming. Within days, over 4 million people had visited the portal, marking it as the first of its kind in South Asia. But what truly sets Gondal apart is his unwavering commitment to transparency and accuracy.

In a press conference in Islamabad, he proudly shared that Pakistan was making history with this initiative. He spoke extensively about the digitized census approach and methodology, ensuring that the nation was informed every step of the way.

Gondal’s dedication to the cause was evident when he addressed concerns and misunderstandings about the process, especially from regions like Sindh and Balochistan. He emphasized the importance of the census in policymaking, future planning, and national development.

Gondal’s commitment to the truth was unwavering. He stressed that spreading misinformation or politicizing the census was a disservice to the nation. His vision was clear: to make this digital census a global success. And with his guidance, PBS ensured the safety and security of the data, with over 100,000 trained enumerators using tablets for data collection.

In conclusion, while the digital census of 2023 was a collective effort, the tireless dedication and leadership of Muhammad Sarwar Gondal played a pivotal role in its success. His vision, commitment, and determination have not only set a benchmark for future endeavors but have also showcased Pakistan’s capability to adapt and innovate in the digital age.

Pakistan owes a debt of gratitude to Gondal for his invaluable contribution to this historic achievement.

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