Muhammad Umair Ayub: From School Dropout to Crypto Expert
Muhammad Umair Ayub: From School Dropout to Crypto Expert

Muhammad Umair Ayub, also known as Umair Orakzai, has become a big name in the crypto world. He grew up in Quetta, Pakistan, in a regular family. Even as a kid, Umair wasn’t a big fan of school. He preferred learning things on his own.

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After finishing his schooling at Roots DHA Islamabad, Umair decided not to go to university. Instead, he followed his passion for fitness. He wrote ebooks about fitness and sold lots of copies, making him well-known in the fitness world.

In 2021, Umair switched gears and got into cryptocurrency. He created a Discord group, which quickly became the biggest crypto community in Pakistan, with over 200,000 members.

Umair’s story teaches us that you don’t need to follow the traditional path to be successful. With hard work and determination, you can achieve your goals, no matter where you start from.

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