The Inspiring Story of Engr. Kashif Majeed's Online Entrepreneurship
The Inspiring Story of Engr. Kashif Majeed’s Online Entrepreneurship

Engr. Kashif Majeed is a Pakistani YouTuber and businessman who has carved a niche for himself in the online world. Despite facing academic challenges and financial limitations, Kashif’s dedication and hustle have turned his passion for YouTube into a successful career. Through his engaging content, he empowers youngsters and aspiring entrepreneurs with valuable knowledge on online earning methods, freelancing and YouTube channel growth.

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Early Life and Family: Kashif was Born on 18 April, 2001 in Rawalpindi, His father was in the Army. He has 1 brother and 2 sisters. His brother, Siham Mohsin Majeed, introduced him to the exciting world of freelancing and YouTube in 2018. He changed so many schools during his early education. He did his graduation in Agricultural engineering from ARID Agriculture university, Rawalpindi.

Career: Kashif’s initial foray into YouTube was driven by pure interest. His first channel, “Business Siham,” focused on content related to hens farming, egg hatching videos, and business ideas. However, a disheartening hacking incident led to the loss of his channel at a promising stage of 40,000 subscribers.  Undeterred, Kashif bounced back with his new channel under his own name, “Kashif Majeed.” This channel was gaining traction with business-oriented content when the COVID-19 pandemic struck.

Seizing the opportune moment, Kashif pivoted his content strategy to cater to the needs of a homebound audience. He created a video on “how to earn money through freelancing,” leveraging his brother’s expertise. This video became a turning point, garnering a staggering 80,000 views in a week, a significant increase from his usual viewership. Recognizing the demand, Kashif has since focused on creating valuable content that empowers viewers to explore online earning opportunities through freelancing, blogging, affiliate marketing, and YouTube channel growth strategies.

Despite the challenges faced during his university years, Kashif’s unwavering focus on his YouTube channel has paid off. He continues to inspire countless youngsters and aspiring online entrepreneurs with his informative and engaging content.

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