Spotify celebrates the essence of Ramadan through audio and introduces its Ramadan edition of EQUAL, announcing Mehak Ali as its EQUAL Ambassador for April, as the Muslim community in Pakistan and around the world observes Ramadan, a time for contemplation, giving, and togetherness. Spotify has also revamped its Ramadan Destination for Pakistani fans, which has been tailored for each Ramadan occasion.
Ambassador of the Month for Pakistan is EQUAL. Mehak Ali joins the EQUAL Pakistan Music Program as the Ambassador for April. Mehak has been nominated for Mirchi Music Awards for the lyrical writing of the hit “Baab-e-Rahmat” after her debut in Bollywood with the song “Baab-e-Rahmat” in 2017. Mehak Ali has produced a soul-soothing praise Kalam, “Saleh Ala Nabi Yena,” in honour of Ramadan, highlighting the religious and cultural significance of the Holy Month, as well as the Muslim community’s devotion and compassion for the Holy Prophet. The Kalam is available on Spotify’s EQUAL Pakistan playlist, which has Mehak on the cover.
Mehak Ali will be promoted organically and on-platform throughout Spotify’s editorial and social platforms as the EQUAL Pakistan Ambassador. This methodology has proven to be successful in driving significant platform growth in both the artists’ home nations and beyond. Mehak will also be featured on Spotify’s digital billboard in Times Square later this month, as the company continues to promote female producers in the area.

“It is an honor to be selected as an Ambassador for EQUAL Pakistan especially in a month as auspicious as Ramadan. This is an opportunity not just for me as a woman to inspire women in the country but provide listeners with a beautiful track for this Holy Month,” said Mehak Ali “It gives me great pleasure to be a part of this initiative that elevates women’s voices in society. It is amazing to witness how a brand like Spotify creates a 360 experience that embodies a sense of aspiration for a segment of society, i.e., women who have relatively fewer resources to showcase their talent, especially in fields like music.”
Spotify’s Ramadan Destination, Audio and spirituality are intricately connected to provide inspiration, an outlet for expression, or create the right atmosphere for prayer and contemplation. Every year, Spotify updates its Ramadan Destination, which features a wide variety of spiritual songs, Qawwalis, Recitations, Hamd-o-Naat, and more. Last Ramadan, Spotify saw an 80% increase in streams from Pakistan for nasheeds (Islamic devotional songs or spiritual hymns) during April than the previous month. Based on streams in March 2022, nasheed consumption should also continue to rise this year.
When it comes to how Pakistani listeners define Ramadan, it is clear from their user-generated playlists on Spotify that Naat and the Quran are critical components of their spiritual journey. The data also revealed that Hamd-o-Naat was one of the most popular playlists in Pakistan last year, proving the significance of Naat throughout the Holy Month. In addition, Ramadan Spirit, a collection of popular spiritual songs sung by some leading nasheed artists, including Maher Zain and Sami Yusuf, is another popular playlist for Pakistani listeners during Ramadan.
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