PIMA Partners with Cheezious for Palestine Relief
PIMA Partners with Cheezious for Palestine Relief

Cheezious, a proud Pakistani brand, has proudly partnered with PIMA in a collaborative effort to support families in Palestine. This strategic alliance adds substantial credibility to Cheezious’ commitment to social impact, positioning the brand as a beacon of corporate responsibility. By aligning with key stakeholders, Cheezious invites a broader community to join hands in this noble cause.

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This initiative is not just a partnership; it’s a testament to Cheezious‘ dedication to making a meaningful impact beyond its culinary offerings. The strategic collaboration with PIMA reflects Cheezious’ earnest commitment to social responsibility and global welfare.

The campaign, rooted in a strategic communication approach, focuses on resonating with the audience by conveying a powerful core message: “Every Order Counts – Cheezious Donates Rs 50 to Families in Palestine.” This initiative, are not merely placing orders for delicious meals; they are becoming integral contributors to a cause that transcends borders and brings hope to families in need.

“Head of Marketing at Cheezious Zohaib Hassan said, our partnership with PIMA is not just about making a difference; it’s a commitment to creating a positive impact on a global scale. Through the ‘Every Order Counts’ campaign, we invite our customers to be active contributors to a cause that extends beyond delicious meals.

The collaboration with PIMA adds depth to our commitment to social impact and also the collective efforts that will make a meaningful difference in the lives of families in Palestine.”

This initiative is a testament of fostering positive change and making a lasting impact. PIMA & Cheezious invites its customers, stakeholders, and the community to join hands in this noble cause, turning every order into a beacon of hope for families in Palestine.

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