Policy Dialogue on Menstrual Health & Hygiene Tax Reforms Concludes Successfully
Policy Dialogue on Menstrual Health & Hygiene Tax Reforms Concludes Successfully

UNICEF in collaboration with Santex Products, the manufacturers of sanitary napkin, recently organized the Policy Level Dialogue on Menstrual Health & Hygiene Tax Reforms. A pioneering initiative, the dialogue was a continuation of the ethnographic research on menstrual health and hygiene conducted by the two partners in 2022.

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The discussion brought together prominent stakeholders from government, non-profit organizations, and the private sector who all urged the government to address this pressing issue and advocate for policy reforms aimed at reducing financial barriers to accessing required products that are currently subject to Luxury Tax.

Chief Guest at the occasion, Ms. Mehnaz Akbar Aziz, Member of the National Assembly and Chairperson for the Parliamentary Committee on Law and Justice agreed to raise this issue in parliament and will support tax reforms. She was joined by Dr. Inoussa Kabore, Deputy Representative UNICEF Pakistan and Mr. Fawaz Ahmed, Head of Marketing Santex Products along with other dignitaries.

Distinguished speakers and panelists shared valuable insights, experiences, and successful initiatives from around the world and encouraging the policy makers and the private sector to replicate these approaches while respecting local customs in Pakistan. Women, especially young girls , in disaster hit and rural areas of Pakistan require immediate assistance in this matter. Participants engaged in thoughtful discussions on various approaches to reduce or eliminate taxes on products directly linked to women’s health as well as maximizing the governments to financial potential by reaching millions of untapped consumers.

In her address, Ms. Mehnaz Akbar Aziz expressed her deep concerns when revealing that only 7% of Pakistani women have access to required products due to reasons such as high cost, unavailability, social taboos and lack of awareness. She emphasized the urgent need of accessibility at a nominal, affordable cost nationwide. Ms. Aziz called upon the government, Budget committee, and relevant institutions to recognize sanitary napkins as necessities rather than luxury items. She passionately urged for tax exemption and price reduction to ensure the availability of these essential products to all women in the country.

Dr. Inoussa Kabore expressed gratitude to Ms. Mehnaz Aziz and all participants for their invaluable contributions, urging the government, civil society organizations, private sector partners, and individuals to come together in addressing women health challenges, challenging societal norms, and implementing sustainable solutions.

Mr. Fawaz Ahmed, Head of Marketing at Santex Products, underscored the significance of the dialogue in addressing such pivotal issues and advocating for policy reforms. He emphasized the importance of tax reductions or exemptions on women essential products to alleviate the financial burden faced and promoting menstrual equity while upholding their dignity.

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