Finally, after 50 years, the truth is uncovered by the eminent Javed Jabbar in his upcoming documentary “Separation of East Pakistan – The Untold Story.” The documentary, to be released on December 16, presents true facts and pieces together the actual events that led to the making of Bangladesh. It is narrated by leading international and national subject experts sharing an objective view and sharing information never told before.
The documentary uses a contemporary view to revisit the past to show what really happened, analyze perspectives and narratives through a prism of fact and credible reference, devoid of political and emotional responses. Targeted for an audience, which only has partial knowledge of 1971 and the separation of East Pakistan, this documentary serves as a fact-based holistic narration and analysis of circumstances to provide a true picture and review of the events.
On the eve of the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh, this documentary is an introspection, answering some tough questions to contextualize the circumstances of that time, the political impasse, incitement of violence, interference, and intervention by external forces. It is indeed a step towards building stronger relations between Bangladesh and Pakistan.

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