Something old? Something new? Since the launch of the world’s most popular music streaming subscription service in Pakistan, Spotify has given music lovers the opportunity to enjoy access to music for free and discover new artists and tracks to fall in love with while rediscovering old favorites.
Over the past few months, Spotify has seen that music from decades past is striking a particularly strong chord with listeners across the country. From February to June, Spotify witnessed an increase of 57.6% in the share of listening to music from the ’50s.

The data also reveals that Noor Jehan, Ghulam Ali, Nazia Hassan, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Junoon, and Vital Signs are some of the most popular nostalgic artists in Pakistan on Spotify who have left a huge mark on their fans’ hearts, as well as the South Asian music industry.

In recognition of the nostalgic power of music and the rise in consumption of nostalgic songs, Spotify is taking you back in time with its latest playlist ‘Sunehray Din’. The playlist features several tunes from Farida Khanum, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Noor Jehan, and Ghulam Ali including ones from Haroon, Vitals Signs, Sajjad Ali, and Ali Haider. In addition to this, Spotify has introduced a series of iconic Pakistani decade playlists on its decade hub that will put a smile on listeners’ faces when they hear an old favorite song.

Spotify spoke with Naiha J. Eiman,(@rebelliousbrownie), a Gen Z digital content creator and a lifestyle blogger about her love for nostalgic music. “The familiarity of nostalgia brings an indescribable feeling of strong emotions,” she noted. “I listen to old music mostly when I’m traveling with my family on a road trip or when I want to bring some joy and positive energy to the tedious task of cleaning my room.”
Naiha expressed that those classic tunes are like a soundtrack of her life which she uses to mark good memories. “I feel nostalgic songs dating back to our adored eras strike a positive chord with my generation, as we belt out our favorite tunes to reminisce our memories while making new ones. Sometimes we need a break from modern-day stressors amid the chaotic times and these songs exactly do that.”

It is not just listeners who are thinking of long-gone days; artists are also feeling nostalgic.

Haroon, the 90’s heartthrob and a pop icon from the band ‘Awaz’, has been adding to Pakistani Pop music through the decades with his various works. His song ‘Nahin Hah Yeh Pyaar’ from the album Haroon Ka Nasha is also one of the tracks on the playlist. Haroon, shares his thoughts with Spotify on why old is gold: “Pakistani pop music history has a particularly special place for me. Not just as a fan of the music but also through my own contributions with my three-decade music career I was able to actively participate and see that history unfold before me. First as the lead singer of Awaz and then with my Haroon solo career.”

Haroon’s work was not only associated with his band or the solo career, he had also worked with many renowned artists from the days of the Pakistani pop era, creating masterpieces. Reminiscing about his time he shared “I was so lucky that my contemporaries were some of the greats from Vital Signs, Junoon, Abrar, Sajjad Ali, and many others. There was a healthy competition that pushed us creatively to be the best we could be, not only in the studio but on stage too.”
Haroon further explained his mission when it comes to Pakistani music: “Above all, our goal is to write and produce quality songs that connect with and move people and also last for generations. Relive your memories and listen to “Sunehray Din” playlist and check out Spotify’s decade hub.
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