In Pakistan, there is an increasing demand for upscale residences and secure neighborhoods. Gated communities with full-service amenities and resort areas are becoming more and more well-liked by Pakistanis living both inside and outside of Pakistan, luring builders and developers to construct such facilities

Read More: Surbana Jurong to plan and design iconic residential project Sialkot Motorway City

In order to plan and create Sialkot’s iconic residential community, which would change the standard of living not just in Sialkot but also throughout Pakistan, Sialkot Motorway City teamed with Surbana Jurong. With this alliance, Sialkot Motorway City will be at the top of the cutthroat real estate market, where buyers and investors eagerly anticipate aiding developers and builders in realizing their ideal lifestyles.
Urban development, infrastructure, and managed services consulting Surbana Jurong Group has over 70 years of successful project experience. Surbana Jurong has constructed master plans in more than 60 additional nations, over 100 industrial parks across the globe, and over 1 million houses in Singapore. They are responsible for the planning, development, and promotion of a thriving industrial landscape. The aim of Surbana Jurong is to give SMC a distinctive personality that is in tune with the major cities of the globe. The lives of individuals are impacted when SMC design is mirrored in physical development.
Through the promotion of a better lifestyle in a tranquil setting, the alliance hopes to give Sialkot a new identity. More than 200 industries associated to real estate are supported by it as well, including those that produce electronics, cement, wood, plumbing, steel, furniture, paints, and plastics. Sialkot Motorway City is currently prepared to offer a consistent revenue stream and chances for capital growth and diversification, with a number of futures, with the relevant NOCs in place and development work moving quickly. Over time, it is anticipated to increase dramatically.
Due to the latest COVID-19 outbreak, Pakistan was recently placed under lockdown. In Pakistan, the real estate sector employs a significant number of skilled and unskilled workers, hence it faces pressure to open first. This is a fascinating illustration of how the real estate industry can act as the economic backbone of a nation. Increased economic activity in the real estate sector would help to solve Pakistan’s housing crisis and pave the way for the rise of associated businesses in nations like Pakistan.
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