Ameer Ali Salman (Syed Muhammad Ameer Ali Salman) is a resident of Kot Addu in Pakistan.
He has great dreams. He Loves to make music and Photography is also his passion. You can find his music on All platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, Pandora, etc. He has great Photography skills. You can find his photographs on various platforms such as Picxy,500px, Instagram, etc.

Persuing his passion was not easy at the start but as time went by, It became easier for him to create what he always dreamed of. As he was super confident about his passion and made incredible results, All of a sudden everyone was so impressed by the work he was doing which gave him a little push to go further and further. He wrote songs and was also interested in poetry. Going through so much effort he was not gaining much importance from the outer world because nowadays everyone does not appreciate the emerging artists and that’s why new artists are not gaining much success and popularity. Everyone wants to be famous by shortcut methods that bury the talent present inside them and this is destroying the whole algorithm of life.
The way we pursue a story has great importance in the reader’s mind, So it is mandatory to share things to the point without any zig-zag in the story. The story is about a person who lived in the darkness of his own mind he didn’t know how to stop this darkness. The darkness was Spreading all over his life and it was so horrible to face it. He tried but never came over his own fear. Human beings are the only living things who have a mind to create and innovate things, So the person (Ameer Ali Salman) was not able to fight his own fear but this fear gave him a gift that he’ll never forget. 

His fear was the only hope to get the light. If we look into some great artists’ lives then we’ll come to know that they have struggled real hard to achieve what they have now. It is not that easy, they waited and worked for a very long time.And then GOD gave them the fruit of success.We must not get disappointed and work hard as much as we can, In order to leave a reason to say “we worked hard but didn’t succeed”
Ameer Ali Salman’s life was a Roller coaster, In simple words sometimes he had so much pleasure, and sometimes he had nothing. He is always overthinking about every single thing and that is the reason he is so introverted. He always thought about the tomorrow but never enjoyed today, He never thought about the pleasures he was getting in the present but always thought about the pleasures of the past and when they came he, as usual, thought about the other past!
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