The General Manager for MG Motors Pakistan Syed Asif Ahmed has stated that the company is planning to launch three models of totally knocked-down (CKD) automobiles in Pakistan including the HS model in the five-year plan. In an statement to the the Business Recorder, Ahmed said Pakistan was an “very CKD-oriented” market”. CKD vehicles are built locally, in contrast to fully built units (CBUs) which must be imported.
“We collaborate closely with Engineering Development Board. Despite the global logistics crisis and especially in China due to the Covid-19 lockdown as well as restrictions the plant equipment is now in Pakistan. We’re working night and day to ensure it is operational by the fiscal year that is in full swing,” the general manager said to the The Business Recorder.
He did not mention the two other CKD models that the company might launch. “We would like to offer Pakistan customers with many choices and options in the vehicles we offer,” he added. Ahmed claimed that the security features that are present in locally built vehicles were “considerably inadequate” and added the MG Motors Pakistan would stick to international norms for CKD models, without “extra costs”.
MG is “not on the path to be the largest market player” in Pakistan as he said to the newspaper. “Like other countries around the world, every brand must have 10 to 15 percent market share in order to ensure the health of competition.” General Manager also urged Pakistan to make use of its geographical location to access the markets for automobiles across Central Asia, North Africa and the Middle East.
“We aren’t the most appealing local market for global automakers However, we have the potential to be a nation that exports vehicles,” he said. The automotive industry should quit looking at the government for help, Ahmed said, adding that the sector was “already already overprotected”. “The most sustainable and long-term solution to the ongoing problems facing automotive industry to export of Pakistan-made vehicles,” he commented. Ahmed stated that he would request the government to encourage electric vehicles since it is an innovative idea and would create the effect of a multiplier.
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