Atlas Honda Unveils First Electric Scooter in Pakistan: Honda BENLY e
Atlas Honda Unveils First Electric Scooter in Pakistan: Honda BENLY e

In a surprising move, Atlas Honda marked a significant shift by unveiling its first electric scooter, the Honda BENLY e, in Pakistan. The debut took place during a ceremony in Sheikhupura, showcasing the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. This milestone positions Atlas Honda as the first among the Big 3 to introduce an electric scooter in the country, a noteworthy development amid rising petrol and bike prices.

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The Honda BENLY e, presented as a chic and eco-friendly option, boasts international specifications such as an 87-kilometer range, a 180-minute charge time, and a top speed of up to 45 kilometers/hour. While these global specs have been disclosed, Atlas Honda has yet to reveal specific details tailored for the Pakistani market. Dealers suggest that the unveiled e-scooter serves as a sample, providing a glimpse of what the company intends to launch locally, albeit without a confirmed timeline.

The anticipated launch date remains undisclosed, leaving enthusiasts and potential buyers awaiting further updates from the company. The introduction of an electric scooter by Honda in Pakistan holds significant importance, considering the trust consumers place in established entities like the Big 3. It also signals a commitment from major players to embrace electric mobility in the Pakistani market.

As the industry eagerly awaits more details, the unveiling of the Honda electric scooter sparks curiosity. Share your expectations and thoughts on the Honda BENLY e in the comments section below. Stay tuned for updates on this noteworthy development in the evolving landscape of electric vehicles in Pakistan.

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