Silence Surrounding Makori Oil Field Fire Raises Questions
Silence Surrounding Makori Oil Field Fire Raises Questions
Silence Surrounding Makori Oil Field Fire Raises Questions
Silence Surrounding Makori Oil Field Fire Raises Questions

Negligence has been cited as the cause of yet another fire outbreak in the Makori oil field, which is operated by MOL Pakistan. This unfortunate incident occurred in September of the year 2022, leading to a loss of millions of USD. Strangely, almost six months after the fire incident, MOL Pakistan still has not reported the incident to the concerned authorities. This silence on the part of MOL Pakistan has raised many questions.

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The Makori oil field is where this fire incident occurred. MOL Pakistan, which is a Hungarian oil and gas company that operates the field, has not reported the incident to the local police or concerned departments for appropriate investigation.

According to sources, this fire outbreak led to a loss of approximately 17 to 18 million USD. Surprisingly, MOL Pakistan has refused to comment on the loss. Reports from sources at the Makori oil field suggest that the incident happened as a result of the negligence of the company. This is because the company failed to comply with the security standard operating procedures (SOPs) that are necessary for the smooth running of the oil field. Fortunately, there were no casualties or injuries recorded in this unfortunate incident.

Furthermore, the CCTV camera on the oil field was not functioning properly at the time of the incident. Hence, MOL Pakistan did not report the incident to the local police station to register an FIR. To make matters worse, “Petroleum ministry high officials are also backing the MOL to hide the cause of the incident,” sources added. It is noteworthy that a fire outbreak that occurred in Makori East-4 on October 22, 2015, resulted in the loss of three workers of a local contractor while filling a tanker.

In the Makori oil field, MOL Pakistan is a partner with 8.421%, and Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) has 27.7632%, Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) has 27.7632%, Government Holding Private Limited (GHPL) has 15%, and Pakistan Oilfield Limited (POL) has 21.0526% working shares.

When approached by this correspondent for an official statement, MOL Pakistan responded by stating that “Our response teams were activated immediately after the fire incident at Makori Oil Field on September 21, 2022, and the fire was brought under control. There was no injury or loss of life in the incident.”

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