TPL Corp, Pakistan’s leading conglomerate, invited some of the nation’s most illustrious athletes from diverse sporting backgrounds to reward them with Life Insurance. This is the first step in TPL’s collaboration with these young sportspeople to work towards the development of sports in the country.
These individuals included Mahoor Shahzad, the Women’s Singles Champion at the 2017 Pakistan International tournament; Shehroze Kashif, the youngest climber in the world to summit K2 and Mount Everest, Hajra Khan, Captain of Pakistan Women’s National Football Team and Talha Talib, Pakistan’s first Bronze medal winner at the World Weightlifting Championship.
TPL Corp CEO, Ali Jameel stated, “I’m pleased to see young individuals making our country proud with their achievements. I would like to express my gratitude towards Mahoor Shahzad, Shehroze Kashif, Hajra Khan and Talha Talib for their contribution towards sports in Pakistan and hope to collaborate with them on making relevant sports reforms.”
During the occasion, conversations were held about the challenges that athletes face and how we can mitigate them. Additionally, Mr. Jameel promised getting personalized equipment gear for Talha Talib, imported from the UK.
Speaking about this meeting, the athletes were grateful to receive Life Insurance and hoped that this initiative could open up more opportunities for athletes to train and compete in challenging situations without the fear of any serious injury.
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