Switching between the algorithmically programmed Home timeline and the feed that displays the “Latest” tweets has been made easier in the Twitter app. To navigate between timelines, users just hit the “sparkle” icon in the top-right corner of the screen, then tap it again to return. On iOS, though, selecting that button will now allow you to pin both the Home and Latest timelines to your Twitter Home page, making it easier to swipe between them.
Twitter’s New Update Makes It Easier to See Recent Posts, According to Twitter, the new update also eliminates uncertainty by making it easier to tell which timeline you’re browsing through. The upgrade comes as internet companies face greater regulatory scrutiny over their algorithmic recommendation systems and a lack of openness about their inner workings. A bipartisan coalition of US politicians sponsored the Filter Bubble Transparency Act, which would oblige internet businesses to offer a version of their platforms that does not use user data to generate suggestions. According to the plan, users would be allowed to turn off the tech company’s suggestion algorithms if they so desired.
As a result, Instagram has promised to bring back the chronological feed option. Twitter, on the other hand, already has a function like this, albeit some users may not be aware of it. Although the sparkle icon remains in the same spot as before, this recent tweak may make Twitter more user-friendly. In a breaking news situation, a “Latest” feed is the type of tool that people turn to when they need quick information more than an automatic selection of the “best” content they may have missed. And that’s more true now, in the thick of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, when people rely on social media apps to keep up with what’s happening on the ground.
Twitter first tried out this functionality in October. The company claims that the feedback has been positive, so it has chosen to make this service available to the broader public.

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