Use WhatsApp Audio and Video calls through Zong 4G's Convenient Roaming Data Offer during Hajj.

Zong 4G, Pakistan’s leading telecommunications company, has introduced its Saudi Arabia Roaming Offer to assist travelers heading to Saudi Arabia for Hajj. This offer aims to ensure that individuals can easily communicate with their families and friends back home by availing cost-effective Data Bundles during their Hajj.

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Zong 4G has designed this offer to cater to the needs of both Hajj pilgrims and business travelers, allowing them to stay connected throughout their stay in Saudi Arabia. The offer provides affordable data roaming rates, enabling travelers to remain in touch. By paying just Rs. 1200 plus tax, customers can enjoy 1 GB of data for uninterrupted connectivity during their time in Saudi Arabia.  Zong 4G also offers 3 GB of data for Rs. 3300 plus tax, and 5 GB of data for Rs. 5400 plus tax.

Saudi Arabia Prepaid IR Data Offer1 GB1200 +T15 Days
Saudi Arabia Prepaid IR Data Offer3 GB3300 +T30 Days
Saudi Arabia Prepaid IR Data Offer5 GB5400 +T45 Days

Zong 4G’s roaming services in Saudi Arabia also include the added advantage of WhatsApp audio and video calls, which are not typically available through local operators in Saudi Arabia. This feature allows customers to easily communicate with their loved ones back home.

The official spokesperson of Zong 4G expressed the company’s commitment to providing exceptional services that meet their customers’ needs. “The Zong 4G team is always committed to providing its customers with innovative solutions to meet their needs. We understand that staying connected with loved ones is essential, especially during Hajj and that is why the roaming data offer is the ideal solution.”

The Saudi Arabia Roaming Offer is available to all Zong 4G customers and for further tariff details and subscriptions, customers can dial *1234#, subscribe through the Zong website ( or My Zong App.

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