Vidly TV Team Condemns India for Banning Pakistan OTT Platforms

Vidly TV, a Pakistani OTT platform has responded to the ban imposed by the Indian Ministry of Information Broadcasting (IMoIB), following the release of Sevak: the Confessions.

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The IMoIB has banned India’s OTT platform after the launch of Sevak: Confessions, a web series that was just launched. It stated that the show contained content that is harmful to India’s national security, sovereignty and integrity.
Vidly TV’s team spoke out against India’s move, saying that Pakistan would never ban their content or take it as entertainment.

Sevak’s senior producer stated that the web series had just been released three episodes, and India had banned it from its territory. He said that the web series was based on facts gleaned from Indian writers.
Saji Gul (the series’ scriptwriter) stated that the show highlights Indian minorities’ real experiences and the IMoIB banned it because of panic. He stated, “It highlights real incidents that occurred to the minorities. It is impossible to ban the internet, I believe. It was banned by the Indian government out of panic.”

The trailer for the original VidlyTV production, Sevak, The Confessions, has been viewed more than two million times on YouTube. The action-thriller Sevak: The confessions is based on real events that took place in India in 1984 and 2022.
Eight episodes of the show are based on the atrocities and horrors of hatred crimes and genocide against minorities in India, mainly Muslims and Sikhs.

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