A high number of salaried individuals live paycheck to paycheck and are in a constant state of worry about their finances. It’s no shock that the working class in developing countries like Pakistan is battling pressured financial obligations amid rising inflation. If you’re a breadwinner depending on a payout after every 30 days (or longer perhaps), you know what it feels like to have that lingering thought of managing your finances till your next payday.

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Imagine a world where you could work and get paid daily, enabling you to make purchase decisions with peace of mind. Whether it’s paying utilities before the due date or celebrating a loved one’s birthday, you can access your earned salary, anytime, anywhere. A service that helps you avoid relying on private loans from friends and family, as well as high-interest credit card withdrawals. Frustrated with emergency expenses and late salaries? ABHI has your back!


Presenting Earned Wage Access (EWA) – a conscious step forward in fintech where employees and employers reap the benefits of payroll technology. ABHI is pioneering in this incredible space and with great success. Employees can receive their accrued wages in any existing bank account or digital wallet. This means less hassle for finance and HR departments to open hundreds of current bank accounts for all their employees in a specific bank. More so, with improved financial well-being comes higher employee morale, leading to lower labor turnover and that’s a win-win for both organizations and the workforce.
Simultaneously, we offer a mobile app to employees, where they can avail of their EWA facilities. The in-app features include bill payments, transfers to multiple bank accounts or digital wallets, purchase installments, donations, and more.
With thousands of salaried workers from 350+ companies including Gul Ahmed, Artistic Milliners, Cnergyico, United King, TPL Corp and more using our EWA facilities, we’re proud to serve a working class that has been neglected for far too long. Salaried individuals are finally getting the attention they deserve and we can’t wait to announce more exciting financial wellness products and empower the salaried workforce.
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