All Football Activities Are Officially Banned in India by FIFA

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Following continuous intervention by outside parties in the All India Football Federation, football’s governing body, FIFA, has prohibited all football-related activity in India (AIFF). In its 85-year history, FIFA has never previously imposed a ban on AIFF. It is important to note that the AIFF was established on June 23, 1937.
The AIFF has been suspended immediately, according to a statement issued by FIFA, since it seriously violated FIFA laws that forbid outside interference in the affairs of a nation’s football organisation. India would no longer be permitted to host the 2017 Under-17 Women’s World Cup, which was slated to take place from October 11 to 30. According to FIFA, the future actions for the competition are now being considered, and the subject has been forwarded to the Council’s Bureau.
FIFA has revealed that the ban has been placed immediately and for an indefinite period. They stated that the suspension will only be lifted ‘once AIFF administration regains full control of AIFF’s daily affairs.’ Recently, the Supreme Court of India intervened in AIFF’s affairs as they ousted President Praful Patel for not holding elections which were due in December 2020. The Supreme Court appointed a three-member committee that would look after the AIFF affairs and start the process to hold the elections.
While the AIFF elections are set to be held on 28 August, it is still unclear if FIFA will recognize the newly elected president due to third-party interference. For the time being, football activities in India, just like in Pakistan a year ago, have been brought to a halt.

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