Coca-Cola holds hands with Rizq to impart suppers to Pakistanis who need them the most. The association starts in Ramazan and broadens well past the blessed month planned to make Pakistan more food secure. A much-adored brand, Coca Cola reconnects Pakistanis to those in the public arena they may not be comfortable with – outsiders, neighbors they don’t see frequently and individuals in the edges of society. Pakistan’s liberality joined with the Ramazan soul makes a phenomenal chance to convey forward the mission to make ‘giving and sharing’ a regular practice under the trademark – “Ao ehad karain: Mil kar bhook mitayain.”

The vow is to support a free dinner for each Coca-Cola item sold in the market during Ramadan – share a Coke, share a feast. The activity is essential for a diverse food gift crusade welcoming everybody to commend the possibility of harmony, giving and fortitude.

As per UN’s World Food Program, around 135 million individuals universally experience the ill effects of intense craving. Besides, the Covid-19 pandemic effect has multiplied this number making the test faltering – In Pakistan alone, around 8 million are hitting the sack hungry and youngsters younger than 5 years face serious unhealthiness. This puts forth it basic to carry out the attempt to relieve hunger, first by bringing issues to light and afterward by urging everybody to add to the reason.
While featuring his vision, Fahad Ashraf, VP and General Manager for Pakistan and Afghanistan district at The Coca-Cola Export Corporation said, “Our image estimation of fellowship and sharing reverberates firmly with our accomplice, Rizq. The thought here is to prod each pakistani to join the battle against hunger by making it easy to contribute. Our guarantee is to make a restricted effect, yet additionally approach the issue of food frailty from a local area point of view, one that we trust outlives the mission.”

Rizq is Pakistan’s driving food manageability and social government assistance undertaking. Talking about the organization with Coca-Cola, Qasim Javaid, Co-Founder of Rizq said, “Pakistan can possibly turn into a rich breadbasket of the world, yet this potential remaining parts undiscovered as lion’s share of its populace remains food uncertain. Through this mission we will utilize Coca-Cola’s cross country outreach and our on-ground executional greatness to convey free dinners for millions during Ramadan. We are appreciative to Coca-Cola for supporting us to in this respectable mission of making a yearning free Pakistan.”

At Coca Cola, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are supported as a significant structure for aggregate activity and effect on the foundational challenges our reality faces. Coca Cola has since quite a while ago accepted cross-area joint effort as a best practice for tending to worldwide difficulties, as exemplified through significant associations and projects, a large number of which line up with the SDGs. The above activity is in accordance with UN’s SDG number 2 named ‘Zero Hunger’ which is planning to end intense yearning continuously 2030.
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