Falcon-i wins several big clients to provide advanced fleet management solutions

Falcon-i is Pakistan’s leading fleet management company, offering IoT (Internet of Things) based solutions that enable clients to monitor the movement and safety of their automobiles with more control and connectivity. With this progressive vision, it has recently added several industry-leading enterprises to its portfolio of over 200 corporate clients.

Besides enabling smart-tracking of vehicles through a customized application, Falcon-i has formulated a wide range of valuable services that promise full control over their automobiles; speed, fuel consumption, temperature, door-locks, panic-alerts, driver-identification, video-surveillance and much more.

Real-time tracking & analytical reports are timely delivered to the users through customized web portals, or the Falcon-i application, while its highly responsive customer-care has further enriched all these facilities, as per the clients’ needs and preferences.
AdvertisementThe Head of Corporate & Enterprise Solutions at Falcon-i – Naveed Aijaz stated that: “It is an honor for us to be entrusted by some of the largest enterprises, for helping to keep an eye on their fleets. Our individual customers with diverse tracking need also express their complete trust in Falcon-i, due to our consistent performance and high-quality services that ensure greater efficiency and safety.”

Recently, Falcon-i has signed new contracts with several prestigious clients, including DuPont Pakistan that is using the OBD wireless tracker to trace vehicular movement and create valuable fleet tracking reports using telematics to track and monitor battery voltage, engine hours, speed, RPM, engine temperature, etc.

The Motorway Police has also acquired the OBD Tracker for surveillance across its vast jurisdiction, along with other services like instant alerts about route-deviation, etc. Recently, Engro Coal Mining installed an MDVR system on its vehicles for better safety of shipments, through Live video transmitted in real-time, to enable the quickest response to incidents or emergencies.

Shangrila Foods is using the Fleet-Management solution to enable trip-based cargo-management, with tracking of Movement, Speed, Mileage, and driver behavior, through a customized web portal, with customized SMS alerts and Email reporting. Meskay & Femtee Trading Company is using a similar solution, along with Agri Monitor services to optimize crop-yield, by visually monitoring the usage of crop sprays.

The Falcon-i Plus package has been procured by OGDCL, to gauge fuel-consumption of its fleet, for better planning and cost-controls, while the Falcon-I Standard solution is helping Gujrat Waste Management in tracking the speed, trip & mileage of its vehicles, besides reporting driver-behavior.


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