Leopard Courier Van Hijacked on Sharea Faisal, Rs.10 Million Phone Cargo Stolen
Leopard Courier Van Hijacked on Sharea Faisal, Rs.10 Million Phone Cargo Stolen

In a brazen robbery on Karachi’s Sharea Faisal, a van transporting cell phones valued at over Rs.10 million was hijacked by armed men on Saturday night. Police suspect the culprits may have been tailing the vehicle from the Saddar mobile market.

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The Incident:

  • A mobile company van carrying 34 phone shipments worth over Rs.10 million was traveling from Saddar to PECHS on Saturday night.
  • Near Fauzia Wahab flyover, a group of seven suspects intercepted the van in a Suzuki van, rickshaw, and motorcycles.
  • They brandished weapons, forced the driver out, and stole the valuable cargo before leaving him near Nursery Bridge.
  • The company’s tracker located the abandoned van in the Tipu Sultan police station area.

Investigation Underway:

  • An FIR has been lodged and investigators are analyzing CCTV footage to identify the suspects.
  • Police acknowledge the lack of security measures taken by the firm for transporting valuables.
  • Karachi Electronics Dealers Association president urged the Inspector General of Police to provide better protection to traders.

Company’s Account:

  • Driver Adeel Ahmed reported being followed from the mobile market.
  • Seven attackers stopped the van using various vehicles and threatened him with weapons.
  • They stole the entire shipment and left him near Nursery Bridge before fleeing.

Unanswered Questions:

  • How did the suspects know the van’s route and value of the cargo?
  • Were there any accomplices within the company or market?
  • What concrete steps will be taken to prevent similar incidents?

Key Points:

  • This incident highlights the need for heightened security measures in the transportation of valuables.
  • Police investigation is ongoing, with hopes of recovering the stolen phones and apprehending the culprits.
  • The Karachi Electronics Dealers Association is urging authorities to prioritize trader safety.
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