Pak-China Huazi Green Energy Unveils Electric Vehicle Lineup
Pak-China Huazi Green Energy Unveils Electric Vehicle Lineup

The Pakistani automotive scene received a jolt of electric energy today as Pak-China Huazi Green Energy unveiled its “Cool” line of electric vehicles (EVs). This joint venture between Pakistani and Chinese entities brings two distinct models to the market, aiming to revolutionize the country’s transportation landscape.

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The Cool lineup caters to both individual and commercial needs. For city commutes, the Cool I offers a compact and convenient option with two seating configurations. Drivers can choose between a 2×2 seater with a 128 km range or a 4×4 version boasting a 219 km range. Both configurations come equipped with lithium batteries and offer modern interiors and features.

For those seeking a family-friendly or cargo-capable EV, the Cool II steps up with its spacious 4×4 design. Its 219 km range ensures comfortable journeys around town or beyond, while the larger boot space caters to weekend escapes or business needs.

Pak-China Huazi Green Energy Unveils Electric Vehicle Lineup
Pak-China Huazi Green Energy Unveils Electric Vehicle Lineup

Pak-China Huazi Green Energy isn’t just focused on sleek designs and practicality. They’re also making affordability a priority. The Cool I starts at PKR 3,499,000 for the 2×2 model, while the 4×4 version carries a slightly higher price tag of PKR 3,549,000. The Cool II also comes in at an attractive price point of PKR 3,799,000 for the 4×4 variant.

This competitive pricing, coupled with government incentives for EVs, has the potential to significantly impact the Pakistani market. Huazi Green Energy aims to capture a substantial share of the growing EV segment, targeting the middle and lower-middle class with its accessible offerings.

With the unveiling of the Cool lineup, Pak-China Huazi Green Energy throws down the gauntlet in the Pakistani EV race. Whether they can capture the hearts and wallets of the people with their “Cool” approach remains to be seen, but their entry injects a welcome dose of competition and optimism into the burgeoning electric mobility scene.

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