Punjab Chief Minister Orders Crackdown on Underage Drivers After Tragic Lahore Crash
Punjab Chief Minister Orders Crackdown on Underage Drivers After Tragic Lahore Crash

In response to a recent tragic incident in Lahore, where a fatal road crash caused by an underage driver claimed the lives of six family members, Caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi has issued a directive to crack down on underage drivers across the province. Emphasizing the need for stringent measures and impartial enforcement, Naqvi has instructed the Inspector General of Police (IG), Chief Capital City Police Officer (CCPO), and all Regional Police Officers (RPOs) to provide daily reports on actions taken against underage drivers to ensure accountability.

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Recognizing the inherent dangers posed by underage drivers, Naqvi has also appealed to parents to refrain from allowing their underage children to operate vehicles or motorcycles. The tragic incident occurred in the Defence Phase 7 area, where a family faced a devastating collision with a vehicle driven by a teenage boy who reportedly lost control due to reckless driving. Witnesses noted that such irresponsible driving was a common occurrence among affluent children in the area.

The impact of the collision was severe, causing the victims’ vehicle to overturn and sustain extensive damage. In light of this unfortunate incident, Naqvi’s directive aims to address the broader issue of underage driving and prevent similar tragedies in the future.

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